CREB - Center for Research in Economics and Business

Hamna Ahmed

PhD Economics Candidate, University of Kent, United Kingdom
MSc Economics, University of Warwick, UK
BSc (HONS), LUMS, Pakistan
Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Education, Development Economics, Macroeconomics and International Trade

Published papers

Patterns of Export Diversification: Evidence from Pakistan (with Naved Hamid) The Lahoure Journal of Economics, Special Edition, September 2014, pp.307-326

The Impact of Public School Enrolment on Child Labour in Punjab, Pakistan, Lahore Journal of Economics, Vol. 17:2, Winter 2012, pp.1-34

Determinants of Export Performance in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from South Asia (with Farah Said) Pakistan Development Review Special Edition 57 (4), 2012

What Determines Innovation in the Manufacturing Sector? Evidence from Pakistan (with Mahreen Mahmud), Pakistan Development Review Special Edition 53 (4), 2011

Financial Constraints; Determinants and Implications for Firm Growth in Pakistan (with Naved Hamid) Lahore Journal of Economics, Vol. 16, Special Edition, 2011, pp.317-346

Capital Flows and Real Exchange Rate Overvaluation -A Chronic Ailment: Evidence from Pakistan, Lahore Journal of Economics, Volume 14, Special Edition, 2009, pp.51-86

Book chapters

Private Schooling: Determinants and Implications for Social Justice in Rural Punjab, Pakistan (with Sahar Amjad, Masooma Habib) in I. Macpherson, S. Robertson, & G. Walford (Eds.), Education, Privatisation and Social Justice: Case studies from Africa, South Asia and South East Asia. Oxford: Symposium Books Ltd 2014

Working papers/Policy papers

Determinants of School Choice: Evidence from Rural Punjab, Pakistan, (with Sahar Amjad, Masooma Habib and Syed Ahsan Shah, CREB Working Paper No. 01-13., 2013

A Strategy for Reversing Pakistans Dismal Export Performance, (with Mahreen Mahmud, Naved Hamid and Talal ur Rahim) CREB Policy Paper No. 01-10, 2010

Research In Progress