CREB - Center for Research in Economics and Business


MPhil Dissertations

Determinants of Female labor Force Participation in Pakistan: An Instrumental Variable Approach
Mehak Ejaz

Modeling Economic Growth through Geographical and Genetic Distance
Rabia Ikram

Effects of Migration and Remittances on School Enrolment in Punjab
Rabia Arif

An Economic Analysis of the Determinants of Health and Nutritional Status of Children in Punjab
Uzma Afzal

Effects of Agglomeration and Trade Liberalization on Firm Entry and Exit
Marjan Nasir

Resource Misallocation and Aggregate Productivity in Punjab
Muhammad Haseeb

Effects of Agglomeration on the Formation and Scale of Operations of New Firms
Maryiam Haroon

Labour Pooling as a Determinant of Industrial Agglomeration
Najam uz Zehra Gardezi

Relative Wage Variation and Industry Location within Districts of Punjab
Zunia Saif Tirmazee

MS Thesis

The Impact of Migration on Rural Asset Accumulation in Punjab, Pakistan – A Panel Analysis
Asha Gul

Analysis of Gender Gap at Primary School Level in Punjab, Pakistan
Saher Yousaf

Gender patterns in household health expenditure allocation: A study of Pakistan
Sarah Ahmed

Determinants of child labour in Punjab, Pakistan
Sarah Badar

The impact of education on fertility in Pakistan: a cross sectional analysis
Aisha Farah

PhD Dissertations

Interest Rate Spreads, Loan Diversification and Market Discipline in Pakistan’s Commercial Banking Sector
Ayesha Afzal