CREB - Center for Research in Economics and Business

Naved Hamid

PhD Stanford University, California, USA
BA (Hons) Cambridge University, UK
Professor: Economics

Research Interests

Growth and Development, Political Economy, Economic Policy

Published papers

Exchange Rate Management and Economic Growth: A Brewing Crisis in Pakistan (with Azka Sarosh Mir) The Lahoure Journal of Economics, Special Edition, September 2017, pp.73-110

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Digital Economy (with Faizan Khalid) The Lahoure Journal of Economics, Special Edition, September 2016, pp.273-312

Pakistan: A Case of Premature Deindustrialization?
(with Maha Khan) The Lahoure Journal of Economics, Special Edition, September 2015, pp.107-141

The Textiles and Garments Sector: Moving Up the Value Chain (with Ijaz Nabi and Rafia Zafar) The Lahoure Journal of Economics, Special Edition, September 2014, pp.283-306

Patterns of Export Diversification: Evidence from Pakistan (with Hamna Ahmed) The Lahoure Journal of Economics, Special Edition, September 2014, pp.307-326

The Opportunities and Pitfalls of Pakistan’s Trade with China and Other Neighbors (with Sarah Hayat) The Lahoure Journal of Economics, Special Edition, September 2012, pp.271-292

Financing Constraints; Determinants and Implications for Firm Growth in Pakistan (with Hamna Ahmed) The Lahore Journal of Economics, Special Edition, September 2011, pp.317-346

Rethinking Pakistan’s Development Strategy The Lahore Journal of Economics Special Edition, September 2008, pp. 47-62.

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Books, Reports and Other Articles

Exports: Lessons from the Past and the Way Forward (with Hamna Ahmed and Mahreen Mahmud) in Rashid Amjad and Shahid Javed Burki (ed.) Pakistan: Moving the Economy Forward, Cambridge University Press, 2015

Migrant Remittances to South Asia: Determinants and Effect on Growth (with Mahreen Mahmud) Book chapter 2 in R M. K. Mujeri, & M. Wahiduddin (Eds.), Adjusting to Global Economic Volatility. The Case of South Asia. New Delhi: Academic Foundation 2014

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Industrial Incentive Structure: A Need for Reform in Financing Pakistan’s Development in the 1990s, (ed. Anjum Nasim), LUMS and Oxford University Press, 1992.

Industry and Trade Chapter in Foundations of Pakistan’s Political Economy – Towards an agenda for the 1990s (ed. William James, Subroto Roy), New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1992.

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Agricultural Growth and Economic Development: The Case of Pakistan (with Wouter Tims), chapter in Agricultural Policies for the 1990s (ed. Sartjaz Aziz), Paris: OECD Development Center Studies, 1990.

Working papers/Policy papers

A Strategy for Reversing Pakistan’s Dismal Export Performance (with Hamna Ahmed, Mahreen Mahmud, Talal-ur-Rahim), CREB Policy Paper No. 01-10, July 2010.