CREB - Center for Research in Economics and Business

Lahore School's Staff Publications

What Matters in Child Health: An Instrumental Variable Analysis, Child Indicators Research, Vol 6 (Issue 4), 2013
Afzal, Uzma

The State of Health in Pakistan: An Overview, Lahore Journal Of Economics, 18:SE, 2013
Afzal, Uzma and Yusuf, Anam

Fixed Point of a Pair of Contractive Dominated Mappings on a Closed Ball in an Ordered Dislocated Metric Space, Fixed Point Theory and Applications, Vol 115, 2013
Arshad, Muhammad; Shoaib, Abdullah and Beg, Ismat

Kannan Type Mapping in TVS-Valued Cone Metric Spaces And their Application to Urysohn Integral Equation, Sarajevo Journal of Mathematics, Vol 9(22) 2013
Azam, Akbar and Beg, Ismat

Impact of Time Management Training on Pakistani Corporate Sector Employees, Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, Vol 3(4), 2013
Azar, Sana

Kleene’s Fuzzy Similarity and Measure of Similarity, Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics, Vol 6(2), 2013
Beg, Ismat and Ashraf, Samina

Fuzzy Relational Calculus, Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society, Vol 37(1), 2014
Beg, Ismat and Ashraf, Samina

Fixed Point of Set-Valued Graph Contractive Mappings, Journal of Inequalities and Applications, 2013: 252
Beg, Ismat and Butt, Asma Rashid

Weak Contractions in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Spaces, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, Vol 26:5, 2013
Beg, Ismat; Vetro, Calagero; Gopal, Dhananjay and Imdad, Mohammad

Topsis for Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Sets, International Journal of Intelligent Systems, Vol 28 (Issue 12), 2013
Beg, Ismat and Rashid, Tabasam

A Democratic Preference Aggregation Model, Journal of Uncertainty Analysis and Applications, Vol 1:5, 2013
Beg, Ismat and Rashid, Tabasam

The Political Economy of Income Comparisons and Economic Growth, Economic Modelling, Vol 31, 2013
Chaudhry, Azam and Garner, Phillip

A Structural Var Analysis of the Impact of Macroeconomic Shocks on Pakistan’s Textile Exports, Economic Modelling, Vol 32, 2013
Chaudhry, Azam and Bukhari, Syed Kalim Hyder

Country and Firm Level Determinants of Capital Structure, Pakistan Business Review, Vol 15(3), 2013
Chaudhry, Samra

Los Clusters Y El USO De Marcas Colectivas En Consorcios De Exportacion, El Trimestre Economico, Vol LXXX1 (Issue 317), 2013
Chaudhry, Theresa Thompson

Invariant Approaches to Equations of Finance, Mathematical and Computational Application, Vol 18(3), 2013
Mahomed, F. M.; Mahomed, K. S.; Naz, Rehana and Momoniat, E.

Interest Rate Spreads in an Emerging Economy: The Case of Pakistan’s Commercial Banking Sector, Economic Research (Ekon Istraz), Vol 25(4), 2013
Mirza, Nawazish and Afzal, Ayesha

The Dynamics of Exchange Rate Regime in Saudi Arabia, Actual Problems of Economics, Vol 147 (Issue 9), 2013
Mirza, Nawazish; Naqvi, Bushra and Rizvi, Syed Kumail Abbas

The Pricing of Size, Book to Market and Financial Leverage in Euro Stocks, Ekonomska Istrazivanja-Economic Research, Vol 26(2), 2013
Mirza, Nawazish; Saeed, Mawal Sarah and Rizvi, Syed Kumail Abbas

Determinants of Energy Consumption Function in SAARC Countries: Balancing the Odds, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol 28, 2013
Mudakkar, Syeda Rabab; Zaman, Khalid; Shakir, Huma; Arif, Mariam; Naseem, Imran and Naz, Lubna

On Stochastic Dominance of Nilpotent Operators, Infinite Dimensional Analysis, Quantum Probability and Related Topics, Vol 16(1), 2013
Mudakkar, Syeda Rabab and Utev, Sergey

Foreign Exchange Risk in a Managed Float Regime: A Case Study of Pakistani Rupee, Economic Modelling, Vol 35, 2013
Mudakkar, Syeda Rabab; Uppal, Jamshed Y.; Zaman, Khalid; Naseem, Imran and Shah, Ghias Ud Din

Energy for Economic Growth, Industrialization, Environment and Natural Resources: Living with Just Enough, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol 25, 2013
Mudakkar, Syeda Rabab; Zaman, Khalid; Khan, Muhammad Mushtaq and Ahmad, Mehboob

Towards a New Consensus in the Wake of Judicial Crisis in Pakistan, Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan, Vol 48(1), 2013
Naseer, Sajjad

Conservation Laws of Some Physical Models Via Symbolic Package Gem, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Vol 2013
Naz, Rehana

Conservation Laws and Exact Solutions of a Class of Non Linear Regularized Long Wave Equations Via Double Reduction Theory and Lie Symmetries, Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulations, Vol 18 (Issue 4), 2013
Naz, Rehana; Khan, M. D. and Naeem, Imran

Reductions and New Exact Solutions of ZK, Gardner KP and Modified KP Equations via Generalized Double Reduction Theorem, Abstract and Applied Analysis, Vol 2013 (2013)
Naz, Rehana; Ali, Zulfiqar and Naeem, Imran

An in-depth analysis of the studies of cross-border mergers and acquisition: A Road map, The Lahore Journal of Business, Vol 2(1), 2013
Shahid, Saad and Chaudhry, Samra

Assessing the Impact of Training on Employees Performance in Commercial Banks in Urban Lahore, The Lahore Journal of Business, Vol 2(1), 2013
Tahir, Anam and Sajjad, Summaira

Investigating Social Commerce as an Alternate Model for Online Commerce in Developing Countries: A Case of Pakistani Economy, Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences, Vol 7(1), 2013
Talat, Amina; Azar, Sana and Yousaf, Muhamad Waqar

Higher Education, Languages and the Persistence of Inequitable Structures for Working-Class Women in Pakistan, Gender and Education, Vol 25 (Issue 2), 2013
Tamim, Tayyaba

Education, Rent-Seeking and the Curse of Natural Resources, Economics and Politics, Vol 26 (Issue 1), 2013
Wadho, Waqar Ahmed