CREB - Center for Research in Economics and Business

Muhammad Ahmed Nazif

MPhil Economics, Lahore School of Economics, Lahore, Pakistan
BSc. (hons.) Economics and Finance, Lahore School of Economics, Lahore, Pakistan
Teaching and Research Fellow

Research Interests

Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Behavioural Economics

Published Papers/Briefs

COVID-19 and well-being of female borrowers in Lahore, Pakistan (with Hamna Ahmed and Sadia Hussain)- CREB policy brief No. 03-20

Utilization of Health Microinsurance: Evidence from Focus Group Discussions (with Sadia Hussain and Hamna Ahmed)- CREB policy paper No.02-19

Working Papers

Gender Differences in Willingness to Compete (with Farah Said)- CREB Working Paper No. 03-20

Research in Progress

The Role of Information in Utilization of Health Microinsurance

Project Members
Dr. Hamna Ahmed, Lahore School of Economics

Sadia Hussain, Lahore School of Economics

About the Project
This project is funded by Lahore School Research and Development Fund (LSRDF). The study proposes a randomized control trial to test the impact of providing information about program use and quality of local hospitals on utilization of health services. The project is in collaboration with Kashf Foundation, a large microfinance institution working solely with female borrowers from low to middle income groups under the Kashf Health Microinsurance Program. We propose a randomized control trial where we intend to launch an information intervention about program use and quality of local hospitals on utilization of health services in Punjab, Pakistan. Findings from this part of the study would determine (i) impact of information about the program (ii) the role of diffusion channels in determining impact of information on program use.