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12th-13th September 2018
CREB is organized Lahore School of Economics First International Conference on Applied Development Economics which was held from 12th – 13th September, 2018 in Lahore, Pakistan. The Conference highlighted frontier research that is being conducted in Pakistan with the aim of economic development and poverty alleviation. Dr. Imran Rasul, Professor of Economics at the University College London delivered the Plenary Address.
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28th-29th March 2018
CREB organized the Lahore School of Economics Fourteenth International Conference on Management of the Pakistan Economy. The theme of this year's conference was “Accelerating Economic Growth in Pakistan: Key Macro and Sectoral Drivers”. In each session, the speakers presented papers related to the theme which was followed by a short discussion.
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Past Events

June 2018
Farah Said, Maryiam Haroon and Zunia Saif Tirmazee, CREB Research Fellows/PhD students from the Department of Economics of the Lahore School of Economics visited Paris in Summer 2018 from 18th June to 29th June to attend a two week Summer School Program organized by the Paris School of Economics.

The students enrolled in courses on Microeconometrics, and Migration and International Trade (in week 1) and Experimental Economics - Empirical tools and methods to investigate economic behavior (in Week 2). The summer school was an excellent opportunity for the Lahore School PhD students to benefit from research -oriented teaching by leading experts in their fields. The PSE Summer School was aimed at professionals, researchers, as well as graduate students in Economics and provided students an enriching experience to learn from top academics and professionals and network with students and faculty from their own fields of interest. The summer school was well attended by participants from top-ranked universities in Europe, USA and the UK.

2nd May 2018
Dr. Hina Khalid, Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the Information Technology University presented at the CREB Event on "Disease Framing and Stigma: A Matched comparison of HIV and Viral Hepatitis in Pakistan".

4th April 2018
Dr. Sheheryar Banuri, Development Economist and Lecturer, University of East Anglia and Dr. Rashid Memon, Assistant Professor, Lahore University of Management Sciences presented at the CREB Event on “Men don’t listen: Gender and discrimination in the workplace”. Dr. Banuri's research focuses on motivation and decision-making in the public sector. His work is at the intersection of policy, economics, and public administration, and uses a combination of survey methods, lab, and field experiments.

March 2018
CREB Research News 2018 was published in March 2018 Download

CREB Working Paper No. 01-18
CREB Working Paper No. 01-18 was published in March 2018 on The Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Fasting on Child Health Outcomes by Azka Sarosh Mir, MPhil Economics and Theresa Thompson Chaudhry, Professor, Lahore School of Economics.

28th February 2018
Mr. Hamid Masood, Director, Punjab Health Initiative Management Company presented at the CREB Event. He discussed various Government Initiatives that are being carried out in the Health sector, in particular the insurance program.

7th February 2018
Mr. Attique ur Rehman, Research Associate at the Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR) gave a presentation at the CREB event. He is primarily involved with the researchers from IFPRI, Oxford and LUMS in managing an RCT in KPK. The project aims at improving student learning by introducing a school specific and teacher specific performance evaluation to enhance accountability. His main responsibility at CDPR is to analyze data using STATA and ArcGis. He also has the skill of CAPI coding of questionnaires on CSPro and linking it with STATA to automate the data gathering process.

31st January 2018
Dr. Hadia Majid, Assistant Professor at School of Education, Lahore University of Management Sciences and Faculty lead on “Women in the Labor Force Project” presented her work at the CREB event. Currently, her work is centered on labor markets Her projects include mapping various aspects of the female labor force participation in Pakistan over the past 25 years, examining the constraints and vulnerabilities of women in the urban informal economy, and the links between macroeconomic growth and gendered employment. She is also running a quasi-experiment studying the impact of the Lahore Rapid Bus Transit on labor market outcomes, and is conducting a primary and secondary data based study documenting 'decent' working conditions in Pakistan.

CREB Working Paper No. 02-17
CREB Working Paper No. 02-17 was published in December 2017 on Homophily and Strategic Behavior in Social Interactions: Evidence from a Lab Experiment by Zeenat Ansari, MPhil Economics and Farah Said, Assistant Professor, Lahore School of Economics.

11th December 2017
The first call for proposals for the Lahore School of Economics Research Development Grant is now closed. The grant will fund exploratory and independent studies for up to PKR 500,000. Early career researchers at the Department of Economics were eligible to apply. Details here.

22nd November 2017
Dr. Rehana Naz, Professor of Mathematics at the Lahore School of Economics gave a tutorial on the use of Latex for creating documents and presentations.

15th November 2017
A meeting with Dr. Ali Hasanain, Assistant Professor of Economics, Lahore University of Management Sciences, member of Evidence in Governance and Politics (EGAP) and Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR) fellow was held at CREB. His research explores Political Economy and Development Economics issues, principally using experimental methods. His research area is to investigate how Information Communications Technology (ICT) impacts political, economic, and social equilibria and how personalities and differences in beliefs impact development interventions. He talked about his livestock project (a RCT on impact of providing information on performance of veterinary field staff on farmers decision regarding the use of their services).

30th October 2017
CREB staff members Dr. Naved Hamid and Azka Mir's piece on Forced Devaluation in DAWN Newspaper. View

4th October 2017
A meeting with Ms. Fauzia Viqar, Chairperson, Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) was held at CREB. She talked about the goals and programs of the Punjab Commission on the Status of Women paticulary PCSW's "Generating Data to Advance Women's Social and Economic Empowerment in Pakistan" project.

October 2017
We are pleased to inform you that the latest issue of the Lahore Journal of Economics (Volume 22-SE, September 2017) is now online. This issue contains the Papers and Proceedings from the Lahore School’s Thirteenth International Conference on the Management of the Pakistan Economy. The theme of this year’s conference was “Igniting Technology Led Growth in Pakistan: Role of Monetary, Fiscal and Investment Policies.”

27th September 2017
CREB research fellow Farah Said conducted a workshop on Designing survey instruments for electronic data collection using SurveyCTO (based on Open Data Kit [ODK]).

20th September 2017
CREB research fellows Maryiam Haroon and Zunia Tirmazee conducted a workshop on Structural Equation Models (SEM) at CREB. Structural Equation Models 1 (Introduction) Course was to introduce participants to a working knowledge of structural equation model, basic topics included model assumptions, model estimation, parameter constraints, multiple group models, construct and measurement equation equivalence across multiple groups and its execution on STATA.

13th September 2017
A meeting with Dr. Sajid Rasul (Director General Bureau of Statistics, Punjab) was organized at CREB. Dr. Rasul talked about the Bureau's recent and ongoing projects as well as upcoming surveys. The Bureau has recently completed the Punjab Health survey and are in the process of carrying out the next round of MICS survey and Social & Economic Well Being Survey for Women in Punjab.

30th August 2017
Muhammad Haseeb, Lahore School of Economics alumni and PhD candidate at the University of Warwick presented his current research in the CREB weekly seminar.

18th August 2017
Dr. Mahreen Mahmud from CSAE, University of Oxford conducted a subject workshop at CREB. The session covered both the planning and writing phase of applying for a grant, focusing in particular on how to compose the case for support.

June 2017
CREB research fellows/Lahore School of Economics PhD students; Farah Said, Maryiam Haroon and Zunia Saif Tirmazee visited the University of St. Gallens, Switzerland in summer 2017 to attend a two week Global School in Empirical Research Methods (GSERM) workshop. GSERM is a distinguished integrated program for PhD students, postdocs and practitioners from leading universities all over the world offering a course-based learning experience. Our research fellows got an opportunity to learn at a great place and to meet people from throughout Europe and elsewhere. They chose to enroll in Structural Equation Modeling I and II, Experimental Methods for Behavioral Science and Econometrics of Big Data from over 100 different courses (one course per week, 4 ECTS each). They found it to be a unique experience giving them a lot of new insights in their respective fields of research and an attractive opportunity to interact with their fellow students and professors.

18th May 2017
Two Sides of the Same Rupee? Comparing Demand for Microcredit and Microsaving in a Framed Field Experiment in Rural Pakistan has been published online in The Economic Journal by Uzma Afzal, Giovanna d'Adda, Marcel Fafchamps, Simon Quinn and Farah Said
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13th April 2017
CREB organized the Lahore School of Economics and University of Oxford Second International Conference on Microfinance Products and Processes: Lessons from the field and it was held at the Lahore School of Economics.
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29th-30th March 2017
CREB organized the Lahore School of Economics Thirteenth International Conference on Management of the Pakistan Economy. The theme of this conference was “Igniting Technology led Growth in Pakistan: Role of Monetary, Fiscal and Investment Polices”.
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CREB Research Newsletter March 2017
The seventh issue of the CREB Research Newsletter was published just before the Lahore School of Economics Thirteenth International Conference. It contains information on current research projects at CREB, as well as of events such as the upcoming International Conference of the Lahore School of Economics and International Conferences where CREB staff presented papers. This newsletter also includes a list of recent CREB publications and research carried out by the CREB staff individually. Moreover, it provides abstracts of recently completed MPhil theses.

CREB Working Paper No. 01-17
CREB Working Paper No. 01-17 was published in February 2017 on The Theory of the Natural Resource Curse: A Political Economy View by Sadia Hussain, Teaching and Research Fellow and Waqar Wadho, Assistant Professor, Lahore School of Economics.