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Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

Barriers to Upgrading in the Sialkot Football Sector

Institutional Capacity as an Organizational Challenge: A Field Experiment in Pakistan

Microcredit and Microsaving for Microenterprises in Pakistan: Finding from Framed Field Experiments in Pakistan

Impact assessment of start up loans to female run micro-enterprises

Pressures from peers and spouses and self-control problems as constraints to microenterprise growth: Experimental evidence from Pakistan

Overcoming Constraints to Female Labor Force Entry

Access to solar electricity in rural Sindh: Role of payment schedule and planning

Behavioural insights for evidence-based policy making - impact of maternal depression intervention on individual preferences

Constraints to Female Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Reducing non-payment for Electricity

Electricity reliability and small business performance

Innovation in the Pakistani Textile Sector

Incentivizing Attendance in Production Teams

Completed Projects

Benchmarking of Productivity in Pakistan’s Readymade Garment Sector (2016)

Measuring Innovation in the Textiles Sector of Pakistan (2015)

Analysis of Technology in the Sialkot Soccer Ball Industry (2014)

Understanding and Addressing Rural Poverty in Pakistan: Oxford-Lahore School Collaboration (2014)

Caste, Social Exclusion and Education in Rural Punjab: World Bank and CREB joint Research Initiative (2013)

Private versus Public Schooling Choice at the Household Level (2012)

Financial Crisis and Migrant Remittances: Effects on Growth and Poverty in Selected South Asian Countries (2011)

A Strategy for Reversing Pakistan’s Dismal Export Performance (2010)