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A Strategy for Reversing Pakistan’s Dismal Export Performance

Project members:
Naved Hamid, Lahore School of Economicss
Hamna Ahmed, Lahore School of Economics/University of Kent
Mahreen Mahmud, University of Oxford
Talal-ur-Rahim, Boston University

With the financial support of the UK Department for International Development (DFID), a team at CREB examined Pakistan’s export performance during the last three decades and found that it has been very poor in comparison with the performance of other countries in Asia. Although Pakistan is exporting to a diversified market base, the high level of product concentration and low sophistication level of the country’s exports are crucial factors underlying this poor performance. The study identified agriculture and medium technology exports as potential drivers of export growth and highlighted specific policies and investments needed to enhance the competitiveness of exports from these sectors. In addition, the study examined the policy environment for export competitiveness and proposed measures for providing a policy framework, particularly a supportive exchange rate policy, to boost the performance of the sector. Finally, it put forward broad recommendations for promoting the export sector of Pakistan.

View CREB Policy Paper on A Strategy for Reversing Pakistan’s Dismal Export Performance published under the CREB Policy Paper series No 01-10

Download Report of the Working Group on: Export Competitiveness and Growth

Download Report of the Working Group on: Growth Strategies and Development Priorities