CREB - Center for Research in Economics and Business

Behavioural insights for evidence-based policy making - impact of poverty on individual preferences

Project members:
Farah Said, Lahore School of Economics
Sonia Balhotra, University of Essex
Utteeyo DasGupta, Wagner College & Fordham University
Joseph Vecci, University of Gothenburg

This research is funded by the University of Essex. Depression is often associated with significant economic costs. For instance, depression is considered to reduce productivity by decreasing the motivation in performing everyday tasks or creating pessimistic views on returns on effort (de Quidt & Haushofer, 2016). However, economics literature does not provide us with any evidence quantify these effects. This research aims to use lab-in-the-field experiments to identify such behavioural effects of depression on economic decisions. Among preferences that we expect are modified by depression are risk-aversion, decisiveness, altruism, trust and effort.