CREB - Center for Research in Economics and Business

Community Driven Development in Rural Pakistan: impact evaluation of the SUCCESS program

Project members:
Waqar Wadho, Lahore School of Economics
Andreas Landmann, Paris School of Economics
Fazal Saadi, RSPN

This research is funded by the European Union. The Sindh Union Council and Economic Strengthening Support (SUCCESS) Program is based on the Rural Support Programs’ (RSPs) social mobilization approach to Community Driven Development (CDD). Social Mobilization centers around the belief that poor people have an innate potential to help themselves; that they can better manage their limited resources if they organize and are provided technical and financial support.

The SUCCESS intervention is an integrated poverty reduction program that includes Social Mobilization (formation of community institutions), Community Investment Fund (CIF), Income Generating Grants (IGG), Micro Health Insurance (MHI), Technical and Vocational Skills Training (TVST), and Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI).

The impact evaluation of the SUCCESS program is a multi-year randomized controlled trial designed to quantify the impact of the program on access to information and services, and civic engagement; women empowerment; economic welfare; and social cohesion.