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Two Sides of the Same Rupee? Comparing Demand for Microcredit and Microsaving in a Framed Field Experiment in Rural Pakistan Economic Journal
Uzma Afzal, Giovanna d'Adda, Marcel Fafchamps, Simon Quinn and Farah Said

Economic Geography and misallocation in Pakistan’s manufacturing hub The Annals of Regional Science, doi:10.1007/s00168-017-0824-7, 2017
Theresa Chaudhry, Mohammad Haseeb and Maryiam Haroon

Access to Finance and Agency: An Overview of the Constraints to Female-Run Enterprise Lahoure Journal of Economics, SE21, pp.331-349, 2016
Farah Said

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Digital Economy Lahoure Journal of Economics, SE21, pp.273-312, 2016
Naved Hamid and Faizan Khalid

The Diversification and Sophistication of Pakistan’s Exports: The Need for Structural Transformation Lahoure Journal of Economics, SE21, pp.99-127, 2016
Maha Khan and Uzma Afzal

Innovation in the Textiles Sector: A Firm-Level Analysis of Technological and Non-technological Innovation Lahore Journal of Economics, SE21, pp129-166, 2016
Waqar Wadho and Azam Chaudhry

Corruption, Tax Evasion and the role of Wage Incentives with Endogenous Monitoring Technology Economic Inquiry. Volume 54, Issue 1, pp 391-407, 2016
Waqar Wadho

Education and Maternal Health in Pakistan: The Pathways of Influence Lahore Journal of Economics, 20(2), 2015
Shandana Dar and Uzma Afzal

Pakistan: A Case of Premature Deindustrialization? Lahoure Journal of Economics, SE20, pp.107-141, 2015
Naved Hamid and with Maha Khan

The Economic Impact of New Firms in Punjab Lahoure Journal of Economics, SpE20, pp.143-182, 2015
Azam Chaudhry and Maryiam Haroon

Growth in Pakistan: Inclusive or Not? Pakistan Development Review Special Edition 54 (4), pp.335-350, 2015
Zunia Tirmazee and Maryiam haroon

The Intersection of Caste, Social Exclusion and Educational Opportunity in Rural Punjab International Journal of Educational Development, 43, pp. 51-62, 2015
Tayyaba Tamim and Hana Tariq

Risk Taking and Risk Learning after a rare event: Evidence from a field experiment in Pakistan Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 118, 167 – 183, 2015
Farah Said, Uzma Afzal and Ginger Turner

An Impact Assessment of Expected Future Turmoil Risk on FDI: A Panel Data Analysis of Developing Countries Lahore Journal of Economics, 19 (2), 101 – 128, 2014
Mahvish Faran

The Textiles and Garments Sector: Moving Up the Value Chain Lahore Journal of Economics, SE19, 283 – 306, 2014
Naved Hamid, Ijaz Nabi and Rafia Zafar

Analyzing Pakistan’s Trade Opportunity with Turkey Lahore Journal of Economics, SE19, 349 – 370, 2014
Asha Gul

Patterns of Export Diversification: Evidence from Pakistan Lahoure Journal of Economics, SE19, 307-326, 2014
Hamna Ahmed and Naved Hamid

Education, Rent seeking and the Curse of Natural Resources Economics & Politics. Volume 26, Issue 1, pp 128-156, 2014
Waqar Wadho

Determinants of School Choice: Evidence from Rural Punjab, Pakistan Lahore Journal of Economics, 19(1), 1 – 30, 2014
Hamna Ahmed and Sahar Ahmjad

Microinsurance Demand after a Rare Event: Evidence from a field experiment in Pakistan The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance – Issues and Practice 39, 201 – 223, 2014
Ginger Turner, Farah Said and Uzma Afzal

Language, Social Capital and Inequality NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry Vol 12 (2), 1-23, 2014
Tayyaba Tamim

Languages in Education and Implications for Poverty Reduction Lahore Journal of Policy Studies. Vol.5, 7-28, 2014
Tayyaba Tamim

The State of Health in Pakistan: An Overview Lahoure Journal of Economics, SE18, pp.233–247, 2013
Uzma Afzal and Anam Yusuf

Reviewing Pakistan's Import Demand Function: A Time-Series Analysis, 1970-2010 Lahoure Journal of Economics, SE18, pp.371-393, 2014
Zunia Tirmazee and Resham Naveed

What Matters in Child Health: An Instrumental Variable Analysis Child Indicators Research 6(4), 673-693, 2013
Uzma Afzal

Rethinking The Role of L1 in L2 Learning. BNU Journal of Education, Vol 1. 49-68, 2013
Tayyaba Tamim

Higher education, languages and persistence of inequitable structures for working class women in Pakistan Gender and Education, Vol 25, No (2) pp.155-169, 2013
Tayyaba Tamim

The politics of languages in education and issues of access and participation in the multilingual context of Pakistan, British Educational Research Journal. 2013
Tayyaba Tamim

Remittances from Saudia Arabia: A community phenomenon Pakistan Development Review, Special Edition 51 (4), 245 – 258, 2012
Asha Gul and Mahreen Mahmud

Determinants of Export Performance in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from South Asia Pakistan Development Review SE 57(4) 227 – 243, 2012
Hamna Ahmed and Farah Said

The Impact of Public School Enrollment on Child Labor in Punjab, Pakistan Lahore Journal of Economics, 17(2), 1 – 34, 2012
Hamna Ahmed

The Opportunities and Pitfalls of Pakistan’s Trade with China and Other Neighbors Lahore Journal of Economics, SE17, 271 – 292, 2012
Naved Hamid and Sarah Hayat

The Birth of Exporters: Entry and Scale of Firms in Punjab’s Export Sectors Lahoure Journal of Economics, SE17, pp.191–212, 2012
Azam Chaudhry, Marjan Nasir
and Maryiam Haroon,

Human Capital Convergence: Evidence from Punjab Lahore Journal of Economics, 17(1) 46 – 61, 2012
Uzma Afzal

Control Rights, Bureaucratic Corruption and the Allocation of Resources European Journal of Law and Economics, 2011
Waqar Ahmed Wadho

What Determines Innovation in the Manufacturing Sector? Evidence from Pakistan Pakistan Development Review, SE 50 (4), 356 – 376, 2011
Mahreen Mahmud and Hamna Ahmed

Factor Underutilisation and ‘Jobless Growth’ in Manufacturing: Evidence from Pakistan Pakistan Development Review, SE 50(4), 515 – 529, 2011
Sahar Amjad Shaikh and Bismah Haseeb Khan

Macro Level Determinants of Poverty: Investigation through Poverty Mapping of Districts of Pakistan Pakistan Development Review, SE 50(4), 895 – 911, 2011
Farah Said, Tareena Musaddiq and Mahreen Mahmud

Size and Value Premium in International Portfolios: Evidence from 15 European Countries Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 2011
Nawazish Mirza and Ayesha Afzal

The Volatility Dynamics in an emerging economy; Case of Karachi Stock Exchange Journal of Economic Research, 24(4), 51 – 64, 2011
Mahreen Mahmud and Nawazish Mirza

Market Discipline in Commercial Banking: Evidence from Market for Bank Equity Lahore Journal of Economics, 2011
Ayesha Afzal and Nawazish Mirza

Mutual Fund Performance Evaluation in an Emerging Economy: Case of Pakistan Lahore Journal of Economics SE16, 301 – 316, 2011
Mahreen Mahmud and Nawazish Mirza

Financing Constraints; Determinants and Implications for Firm Growth in Pakistan Lahore Journal of Economics SE16, 317 – 346, 2011
Hamna Ahmed and Naved Ahmed

Inter-District Inequalities in Social Service Delivery: A Rationalized Approach towards funds disbursement Pakistan Development Review, SE, 2010
Muhammad Usman Sikander and Syed Ahsan Ahmad Shah

Internal Migration Patterns in Pakistan- The Case for Fiscal Decentralization Pakistan Development Review, SE, 2010
Mahreen Mahmud, Tareena Mussadiq and Farah Said

The Changing Profile of Development: A Historical Study of the Punjab 1961- 2000 Pakistan Development Review, 2010
Uzma Afzal

Languages in education: Improving schooling outcomes for poverty reduction in Pakistan, Policy Brief no 10, 2010
Tayyaba Tamim

Determining Education Attainment: A Tehsil Level Study. Pakistan Development Review, 2009
Aisha Khan

Rethinking Pakistan’s Development Strategy Lahore Journal of Economics SE13, pp. 47-62, 2008
Naved Hamid

Book chapters

Beyond the Poverty Line: A Multi-dimensional Analysis of Poverty in Pakistan in Rashid Amjad and Shahid Javed Burki (ed.) Pakistan: Moving the Economy Forward, Cambridge University Press, 2015
Azam Chaudhry, Theresa Chaudhry, Muhammad Haseeb and Uzma Afzal

Exports: Lessons from the Past and the Way Forward in Rashid Amjad and Shahid Javed Burki (ed.) Pakistan: Moving the Economy Forward, Cambridge University Press, 2015
Hamna Ahmed, Naved Hamid and Mahreen Mahmud

Private Schooling: Determinants and Implications for Social Justice in Rural Punjab, Pakistan in I. Macpherson, S. Robertson, & G. Walford (Eds.), Education, Privatisation and Social Justice: Case studies from Africa, South Asia and South East Asia. Oxford: Symposium Books Ltd 2014
Hamna Ahmed, Sahar Amjad and Masooma Habib

The Effect of Early Flood Warnings on Mitigation and Recovery during the 2010 Pakistan Floods Preventing Disaster: Early Warning Systems for Climate Change, United Nations Environmental Programme, 2014
Ginger Turner, Farah Said, Uzma Afzal and Karen Campbell

Migrant Remittances to South Asia: Determinants and Effect on Growth. Book chapter 2 in R M. K. Mujeri, & M. Wahiduddin (Eds.), Adjusting to Global Economic Volatility. The Case of South Asia. New Delhi: Academic Foundation 2014
Mahreen Mahmud and Naved Hamid

Languages in education and symbolic violence in Pakistan in Solly, M. & Ersch, E. (Eds.) Language and Globalization, Cambridge Scholar publications pp. 111-134, 2014
Tayyaba Tamim