Fatima Jamil

Fatima Jamil is a Research Fellow at CREB. Her research interests include gender, education, poverty and health. As a part of MPhil Economics program, she did her research thesis on family size and child health. In her paper she studies impact of fertility on child health outcomes in Pakistan. Fertility can affect family size and hence the resources available for the welfare of each family member: a larger family size may result in fewer resources for children and adversely affect child health. She is currently involved in a project which aims to understand social connections and short term jobs, why employers hire workers from their social connections and what are the possible reasons for that.

Impact of Family Size on Child Health in Pakistan (with Farah Said, Lahore University of Management Sciences and Tareena Musaddiq, University of Michigan)

Search and Matching in Casual Day Laborers (with Maryiam Haroon, Lahore School of Economics)