CREB - Center for Research in Economics and Business

List of Projects

Note: Projects have been arranged chronologically according to the starting date of the project; with the most recent project first.

1. Firm Side Constraints to Hiring Women

2. Training Effective Altruism

3. Intergenerational Transmission of Conservative Social Norms

4. Training Policy-Makers in Econometrics

5. Why Do You Want the Job? On Power and Empathy in Pakistan´s Government Services

6. Learning Losses from COVID-19

7. Political Distortions and Production Responses: Evidence from Wheat Procurement in Pakistan

8. Law in the Books: Experimentally Testing the Power of Social Norms to Invalidate

9. Procedural Justice, Hierarchical Level, Organizational Identity and Turnover Intention: Mediation–Moderation Framework

10. Strengthening Schools Accountability Mechanisms Through Participation: Addressing Education Quality

11. Search and Matching Frictions in Casual Day Laborers

12. Political Consequences of Reliable Electricity

13. The Role of Non-cognitive Skills in Improving Academic Performance

14. Political Influences on Police Responses to Crime

15. Institutional Capacity as an Organizational Challenge: A Field Experiment in Pakistan

16. Leveraging Technology to Promote Women's Health and Bargaining power: Evidence from a Pilot Program

17. Spatial Proximity, Knowledge Networks and Firm Performance: The Case of Sialkot Surgical Instrument Manufacturers

18. Overcoming Constraints to Female Labor Force Entry

19. Electricity & Reliability in Small Business Performance

20. Educate the Girls: Long run Effects of a Secondary Schooling for Girls

21. Systematic Corruption in Public Bureaucracies: A Collective Action or Principal Agent Problem? A Case of Pakistan

22. Innovation and Firm Growth in the Pakistani Textile Sector: Do Young and Innovative Firms Grow Faster?

23. Constraints to Female Entrepreneurship in Pakistan: The Role of Women's Goals and Aspirations

24. Post-Secondary Education Background and Labor Market Outcomes of Recent Graduates

25. Behavior Insights for Evidence Based Policy Making

26. Microcredit and Microsaving for Microenterprises in Pakistan

27. Community Driven Development in Rural Pakistan: Impact Evaluation of the SUCCESS Program

28. Access to Solar Electricity in Rural Sindh: Role of Payment Schedule and Planning

29. Pressures from Peers and Spouses and Self-control Problems as Constraints to Microenterprise Growth: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan

30. Incentivizing NGOs: A Field Experiment in Pakistan

31. Barriers to Upgrading in the Sialkot Football Sector

32. Barriers to Product Upgradation in the Sialkot Surgical Goods Sector

33. Developing an Optimal Industrial Strategy in the Context of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

34. Business Confidence Surveys of the Business Community in Lahore

35. Impact Assessment of Start-up Loans to Female-run Microenterprises

36. Measuring Innovation in the Textiles Sector of Pakistan

37. Understanding and Addressing Rural Poverty in Pakistan

38. Caste, Social Exclusion and Education in Rural Punjab

39. Private versus Public Schooling Choice at the Household Level

40. Analysis of Technology in the Sialkot Soccer Ball Industry