Past MPhil Dissertations

Impact of Family size on Child Health in Pakistan
Fatima Jamil

The Long Run Effects of ChildhoodExposure to Violence and Women’s Protection Initiatives on Well-being
Hijab Waheed

Impact of Gender On Meritocratization: A Panel Data Study
Kiran Tariq

The Short and Long-Term Effects Of Women’s Participation In A Social Movement: Evidence From The Anjuman-E-Mazareen Punjab Movement
Aiman Farrukh

Organizational Development, Foreign Technology And Economic Growth: Long-Run Equilibrium, Transitional Dynamics And Closed-Form Solutions
Nida Naz

Can Competition Reduce Moral Hazard? A Laboratory Experiment
Raja Abdar Rehman

The Impact of Terrorism on Educational Outcomes: The Case of Pakistan
Saniya Jilani

The role of Financial Institutions in an Economic Growth Model with Renewable Natural Resource and Endogenous Technology
Nayab Kanwal

Corruption, Institutional Barriers And Innovation
Zainab Idrees

Institutions and Exports of Firms: A Cross Country Analysis
Maryium Nazif

Impact of Parental Occupation on Career Aspirations
Fatimah Shah

Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Fasting on Cognitive Development of Children
Beenish Amir

Endogenous Time Preferences and Environmental Quality: Multiple Equlibria and Fiscal Implications
Mehreen Zahid

Impact of Physical Distance on Health Facility Choice: Evidence from Kashf’s Health Micro Insurance Program
Dareen Latif

Multiple Equilibria and Stability Analysis of an Economic Growth Model with Human Capital Externalities and Endogenous Time Preferences
Ammara Riaz

Gender Differences In Willingness To Compete
Muhammad Ahmed Nazif

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