CREB - Center for Research in Economics and Business

List of Research Projects by Theme

Education & Health

Strengthening Schools Accountability Mechanisms through Participation: Addressing Education Quality (Ongoing)

Behavioural insights for evidence-based policy making - impact of poverty on individual preferences (Ongoing)

The Role of Information in the utilization of health micro insurance (Ongoing)

The Role of Non-Cognitive Skills in improving Academic Performance (Ongoing)

Caste, Social Exclusion and Education in Rural Punjab (Closed)

Private versus Public Schooling Choice at the Household Level (Closed)


Electricity reliability and small business performance (Ongoing)

Political consequences of reliable electricity: results from a RDD in Pakistan (Ongoing)

Electricity reliability & small business performance (Closed)

Access to solar electricity in rural Pakistan: Impacts and sustainability (Closed)

Firms, Entrepreneurship & Microfinance

Innovation and Firm Growth in the Pakistani Textile Sector: Do Young and Innovative Firms Grow Faster? (Ongoing)

Constraints to Female Entrepreneurship in Pakistan (Ongoing)

Barriers to Upgrading in the Sialkot Football Sector (Ongoing)

Barriers to Product Upgradation in the Sialkot Surgical Goods Sector (Ongoing)

Spatial Proximity, Knowledge Networks and Firm Performance from Sialkot Surgical Industry (Ongoing)

Developing an Optimal Industrial Strategy in the Context of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) (Ongoing)

Business Confidence Surveys of the Business Community in Lahore (Ongoing)

Impact Assessment of Start-up Loans to Female run Micro-enterprises (Closed)

Microcredit and Microsaving for Microenterprises in Pakistan (Closed)

Innovation and Firm Performance in the Pakistani Textile Sector (Closed)

Analysis of Technology in the Sialkot Soccer Ball Industry (Closed)

Labour Markets

Search and Matching Frictions in Casual Day Laborers (Ongoing)

Overcoming Constraints to Female Labor Force Entry (Ongoing)

State Capability & Local and Social Institutions

Hierarchical Level and Organizational Identity (Ongoing)

Law in the Books: Experimentally Testing the Power of Social Norms to Invalidate the Law: In-lab and lab-in-field experiments Pakistan (Ongoing)

Institutional Capacity as an Organizational Challenge: A Field Experiment in Pakistan (Ongoing)

Community Driven Development in Rural Pakistan: impact evaluation of the SUCCESS program (Ongoing)

Outsourcing State Capacity: A Field Experiment in Pakistan (Ongoing)

Systematic Corruption in Public Bureaucracies: A Collective Action or Principal Agent Problem? A Case of Pakistan (Closed)

Understanding and Addressing Rural Poverty in Pakistan (Closed)

State Capability & Local and Informal Institutions

Training effective altruism (Ongoing) (Closed)