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Tayyaba Tamim

PhD, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom
MPhil Research in Second Language Education across Cultures, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom
MA Englishg Language Teaching, Kinnaird College, Lahore, Pakistan
MA English Language & Literature, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan
Associate Professor

Research Interests

Teacher Education, Languages in Education, Language Policy and Education with reference to social justice across gender, class and caste

Published papers

Low-Caste Parents’ Educational Choices in Rural Punjab: The Interplay of Agency and Structure. Journal of Rural Studies (under review)

English language and social capital in organizational culture: A Case study. British Council Report (forthcoming)

The Intersection of Caste, Social Exclusion and Educational Opportunity in Rural Punjab (with Hana Tariq) International Journal of Educational Development, 43, pp. 51-62, 2015

Language, Social Capital and Inequality NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry Vol 12 (2) December, 1-23, 2014

Languages in Education and Implications for Poverty Reduction Lahore Journal of Policy Studies. Vol.5 May, 7-28, 2014

Languages and Physical Wellbeing (with Hana Tariq), NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry Vol 11 (2) December, 1-19, 2013

Rethinking The Role of L1 in L2 Learning. BNU Journal of Education, Vol 1. 49-68, 2013

Higher education, languages and persistence of inequitable structures for working class women in Pakistan Gender and Education, Vol 25, No (2) pp.155-169, 2013

The politics of languages in education and issues of access and participation in the multilingual context of Pakistan, British Educational Research Journal. 2013

Languages in education: Improving schooling outcomes for poverty reduction in Pakistan, Policy Brief no 10, October, 2010

Book chapters

Languages in education and symbolic violence in Pakistan in Solly, M. & Ersch, E. (Eds.) Language and Globalization, Cambridge Scholar publications pp. 111-134, 2014

Working papers

Caste, Social Exclusion, and Opportunities for Education in Rural Punjab, (with Marriam Musa, Hana Tariq and Shahzeb Rathore), CREB Working Paper No. 01-15., 2015

Research In Progress