Sixth International Conference on Applied Development Economics (15th – 17th August 2024)

The Center for Research in Economics and Business (CREB) and Innovation and Technology Center (ITC) at Lahore School of Economics is collaborating with the International Growth Center Pakistan (IGC) and Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR) to conduct its annual Applied Development Economics Conference.

🗓️15th August to 17th August, 2024

🕙  9:00 A.M 

The annual Applied Development Conference endeavors to achieve several pivotal objectives:

(i) It serves as a platform to showcase recent research findings with significant policy implications, particularly in fostering sustainable growth within developing regions.

(ii) The conference provides an opportunity for early career researchers to present their ongoing projects and receive constructive feedback, thereby fostering their professional development and growth.

(iii) Through vibrant discussions and idea exchanges, the conference aims to facilitate the establishment of collaborative networks among researchers, laying the groundwork for potential partnerships that can mutually benefit participants.

The conference program will feature Plenary talks by  Adrienne Lucas (University of Delaware) , Jonathan J. Morduch (New York University) and presentations from esteemed international and local researchers, with a keen focus on topics pertaining to economic development and sustainable growth in developing contexts such as Labor Markets, Health Education and Gender, Political Economy and Institutions, Firms, trade and Microfinance, Poverty and Climate Change.