Programs and Internships

An opportunity for young PhD’s to engage in collaborative, high quality, applied research in order to develop their publications, expand their networks, and enhance their research and professional skills.

YEAR 2023


In 2023, CREB hosted Rebecca Wu (Third year Ph.D. student at University of Chicago) as a resident fellow. During her stay at the Lahore School, Rebecca worked with Zunia Tirmazee
and Hamna Ahmed (Senior Research Fellows and Assistant Professors) on a project “Online Labor Market of Freelancers in Pakistan”. The project aimed to understand how to improve freelancers access to global markets and increase their earning potentials. University of Chicago has provided a grant for exploratory work on this project and a proposal for additional funding has been submitted to IGC.
In addition to research, she conducted five in person workshops on Data for Empirical
Analysis at the Lahore School for CREB staff, Economics and Business faculty and graduate

YEAR 2022

In the Year 2022 CREB hosted Sakina Shibuya (a Ph.D. student in Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison). Sakina's research interest lies in development economics and applied microeconomics. During her stay here Sakina worked with Zunia Tirmazee (Senior Research Fellow and Assistant Professor) to develop a project titled “Understanding the Costs of Hiring Women in Pakistan” for which they wrote grant applications and received funding from both IGC and PEDL. The project aimed to understand the firm-side constraints to hiring women. During the fellowship, Sakina also participated actively in Lahore School of Economics research activities by participating in meetings, and seminars where she got a chance to discuss her work with colleagues at Lahore School to receive feedback and develop new research ideas with them. In addition to research, Sakina also conducted two workshops aimed at capacity building of young researchers at the Lahore School. She delivered one session on developing code for reproducible research and another one on using GitHub for facilitating collaborative research.

The CREB internship program offers a unique opportunity for undergrad students to gain hands-on experience and exposure to research tools in a real-world setting. Each summer, selected students have the chance to work alongside experienced researchers at the Center for Research in Economics and Business, immersing themselves in various research projects.

Interns participating in this program have the opportunity to engage in meaningful research, contribute to ongoing projects, and gain practical skills related to economic analysis and research methodologies. This experience equips students with the knowledge and expertise necessary to understand the complexities of economic research and its real-world applications.


The internship program not only allows students to learn from leading experts in the field but also provides them with the platform to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. It cultivates a deeper understanding of economic concepts and their implications in the broader research landscape.


Overall, the CREB internship program for undergrad students in the summer serves as a valuable stepping stone for aspiring researchers, providing them with the foundation to develop their skills, expand their knowledge, and make meaningful contributions to the field of economics.

Zenab Naseeem

Center for Research in Economics and Business, Lahore School of Economics


“My experience with CREB’s fellowship program was incredibly rewarding. During the two months, I was able to advance my research projects by diving deep into the local environment, working closely with faculty at CREB, and meeting other researchers and stakeholders. The program allowed me to carry out extensive fieldwork that enriched my current project and inspired a new research agenda. Moreover I enjoyed interacting with LSE students through my mini-course and research activities”

Rebecca Wu