Graduate Programme

Recognized as one of the leading graduate programmes in the country, it is designed to prepare students for postgraduate study and equip them with the necessary tools for succeeding in technically demanding professional jobs. It is offered jointly by the Centre and the Economics department and primarily focuses on the core elements of economic theory and econometrics. This dual approach gives students strong foundation, in-depth understanding of economic models and methods, and understanding of how to use powerful analytical tools. The program would also help students design and conduct either an independent master’s project (in MS track) or a thesis with original contribution (in MPhil track). The program offers two tracks: MS Economics (1.5 years) and MPhil Economics (2.5 years), both with minimum 24 credit hours of coursework. Within each track, the program is broad enough to offer three specializations (streams) that are especially designed keeping in view the future placement of the students: 1) Quantitative Economics; 2) Development Economics; and 3) Trade and Public Policy. The Quantitative Economics Stream offers strong theoretical and quantitative skills to prepare students for PhD programs. The students graduated with this stream are fully prepared to start a PhD in Economics program at any top university. The Development Economics, and Trade and Public Policy Streams develop applied skills for professional careers with concentration on Micro-development and Macro-development issues, respectively.