Come work with us if you are looking for a friendly, supportive, comfortable and collaborative environment amongst self-motivated and hard-working peers. We are constantly on the look-out for talented individuals who are passionate about research. 

Why Join CREB?

  •  Thriving research culture; CREB is a leading think tank that produces cutting-edge policy-oriented research in economics and business with a rigorous academic perspective on key development issues facing Pakistan. 
  •  Supportive environment for researchers; at CREB, we strive to create a supportive culture for young researchers through a one-on-one mentoring program. As a young researcher, you will be assigned to work as a coPI/co-author with a senior researcher (who will serve as your mentor). You may also apply for research funds to support international travel for participation in conferences.
  •  Hands on approach to research; at CREB we believe in providing equal opportunities to staff irrespective of their seniority. If you are enthusiastic about building your research profile, there will be several opportunities to serve as the principal investigator on research projects. This experience can be instrumental in building management and leadership skills which may be critical for transitioning into the next phase of your career like our  Alumni
  •  Gender inclusive environment; at CREB we take great pride in celebrating women in Economics. A large proportion of our staff are female. We strive to provide an environment which is safe, comfortable and (if needed) flexible in order to cater to the needs of our female employees.