At CREB we take pride in preparing young researchers for a successful academic career by providing them with a supportive and inclusive environment and plenty of opportunities to gain hands-on research experience. Not surprisingly, several of our former staff members have advanced substantially in their careers and secured a position at world renowned institutions.



Mahreen Mahmud

Seize the opportunity to be part of a centre where academic research is taken seriously. You will receive a lot of support, opportunities to collaborate and form friendships for life. And most importantly, you will have the mentorship of Dr Naved. He takes a keen interest in your work and provides invaluable feedback and guidance, something that I rely on even today.


Rafia Zafar

CREB will open up a world of opportunities to do meaningful research and will also open up avenues for international collaborations. You can also use it as a stepping stone (like I did) to build a career in academia or as a researcher outside of academia.


Uzma Afzal

CREB is a wonderful place for early career and aspiring researchers and academics as the Centre prepares, as well as exposes you to numerous research and academic opportunities. You will join a small group of young scholars and senior researchers working towards similar goals. It is easier to form close friendships and collaborate when you are part of a like-minded group of people.


Farah Said

CREB is a leading research centre in Pakistan, and particularly in Lahore. It is well known for the quality research conducted by its members, as well as the role it plays in disseminating research to policy makers and academics, both in Pakistan and internationally. These aspects are pivotal for implementing rigorous research and building productive collaborations. Research fellows are discouraged from working in silos: in addition to their own research, CREB members are expected to contribute as a group to the overall mission of the centre. It is also one of the few groups in academic research that believes in strong mentoring and support systems for its members, which can be very useful for graduates and early career researchers.


Asha Gul

Working at CREB has been one of the best work experiences for me which provided me with the foundation to explore further opportunities to grow and learn. It provided me with an opportunity to meet and work with people who inspired me to further my academic passions and explore new opportunities. CREB will become your second home where you can comfortably discuss and work towards achieving your academic and professional goals.


Tareena Musaddiq

CREB was my first workplace after graduation. The work at CREB developed my interest in research and motivated me to ultimately pursue a doctoral degree in Economics. During my time at CREB, I was involved in multiple research projects that enhanced my analytical, writing and presentation skills- all of which are essential for research oriented positions in both academia and the industry. If you are interested in applied research and are looking for good colleagues and mentorship, CREB is the place


Muhammad Haseeb

CREB offers a very friendly environment where all researchers are able to interact and engage quite regularly. Unlike other research units, the junior researchers at CREB have a great deal of autonomy in selecting research projects. The time I spent at CREB, working independently on different projects, prepared me well for academic research. If you find research interesting then CREB is an excellent platform to work on high-quality research projects with an unusual amount of autonomy.


Alumni Name




   Mahreen Mahmud

September, 2009-August 2012

University of Exeter

Tareena Musaddiq

February, 2010- April 2010

Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Education Policy Initiative at University of Michigan.

Asha Gul

January, 2012 – October 2015

PhD candidate in Economics at the University of New South Wales.

Rafia Zafar

January, 2014 – August 2014

Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality

Maha Khan

July 2014- December 2016

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at the University of York

Farah Said


LUMS Assistant Professor 

Muhammad Haseeb

2011-October 2012

Post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Economics and Econometrics, Geneva School of Economics and Management, University of Geneva.

Uzma Afzal 

January, 2008 – August 2016

Postdoctoral Associate,  Social Science Division, NYUAD, UAE.

Kate Vyborny

August, 2010

Associate Director of the DevLab at Duke and Research Scientist in the Department of Economics at Duke University

Ayesha Ali

September, 2010 -June 2011

Assistant Professor at LUMS