Presentations from the Eleventh Annual Conference on the Management of the Pakistan Economy

Day 1: Wednesday, 25 March, 2015

Session 1: Why manufacturing matters?

Opening Address:
Ishrat Husain, Institute of Business Administration

Keynote Address: 
Why Interest in Industrialization Waned in the Development Agenda, to be replaced by ‘Extreme Poverty’
Robert Wade, London School of Economics

Session 2: Policy environment and manufacturing performance

Macroeconomic Environment’s Impact on the Manufacturing Sector
Musleh ud-Din, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics
Inayat Mangla, Western Michigan University

Tax and Subsidy Policy on Industry
Hafiz Pasha, Graduate Institute of Development Studies

The Missing Economic Magic: The Failure of Trade Liberalisation and Exchange Rate Devaluation in Pakistan, 1980-2015
Matthew McCartney, University of Oxford

Session 3: Pakistan’s manufacturing sector

Pakistan: A Case of Premature Deindustrialisation?
Naved Hamid and Maha Khan, Lahore School of Economics

The Economic Impact of New Firms in Punjab 
Azam Chaudhry and Maryiam Haroon, Lahore School of Economics

Organization, Management and Wage Practices in Pakistan’s Electrical Fan and Ready-Made Garment Sectors
Theresa Chaudhry & Mahvish Faran, Lahore School of Economics

Session 4 – What makes manufacturing firms succeed or fail?

Recovering From Difficult Times -Mitchells
Mujeeb Rashid, Mitchells Fruit Farms Limited

Getz Pharma
Shahzad Khan, Getz Pharma

Trials and Challenges in the Garment Industry
Sajid Minhas, Delta Garments Ltd

Engineering and Machinery
Sikander Mustafa Khan, Millat Group of Companies

Day 2: Thursday, 26 March, 2015

Session 5: Finance and industrial development

Role of DFIs in Industrial Growth and Transformation
Shakil Faruqi, Lahore School of Economics

Financing for Revitalizing SMEs – A case of Flow of Financing to Manufacturing SMEs of Pakistan
Imran Ahmad, State Bank of Pakistan

Session 6: Innovation and build up of technological capabilities – Why Industrial Policy?

Theory at Odds with Best Practice – Travails of Industrial Policy
Irfan ul Haque, South Centre, Geneva

Technological Upgrading and Industrial Competitiveness: How Has Pakistan Fared?
Rajah Rasiah & Nazia Nazeer, University of Malaya

Learning, Industrial and Technology Policies for Pakistan: Something Old, Something New, Something Bold
Akbar Noman, Columbia University

Session 7: Challenge for Pakistan’s manufacturing – the global setting

Globalisation: The Challenge for Pakistan
Khalil Hamdani, Director (Retd.) UNCTAD

Political Economy of Regional Cooperation: a critique of evolving narratives in Pakistan
Safdar Sohail, Pakistan Mission to EU, Brussels

In Quest of SME-conducive Policy Formulation
Hanns Pichler, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Session 8: Towards a strategy for Pakistan as a regional manufacturing hub

Messages from the Conference
Rashid Amjad, Graduate Institute of Development Studies

The private sector’s perspective
Tariq Saigol, Kohinoor-Maple Leaf Group

A policymaker’s perspective
Muhammad Zubair, Privatization Commission