Governance and Political Economy

Intergenerational Transmission of Conservative Social Norms

Project members:
Principal Investigator: Sultan Mehmood, New Economic School, Moscow
Co-Principal Investigators: Daniel L. Chen, Toulouse School of Economics
Shaheen Naseer, Lahore School of Economics

This research is funded by World Bank Development Impact Evaluation (DIME). Prosociality —behavior that benefits others or society as a whole — is critical in contract enforcement, management of commons, public goods provision, establishing effective rule of law, and efficient governance in societies. We explore an effective way to train prosociality among adults that can be scaled, inspired by a philosophy associated with Peter Singer  who highlights cultivating prosociality through utilitarianism (the principle that one should evaluate actions by the utility it achieves for yourself or society as a whole) – which, he calls, “effective altruism”. (AEA RCT Registry)