Governance and Political Economy

Procedural Justice, Hierarchical Level, Organizational Identity and Turnover Intention: Mediation–Moderation Framework

Project members:
Peiter Desmet, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlandsand
Shaheen Naseer, Lahore School of Economics

This research is funded by the Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics. It is widely recognized that effective human resource management is a critical ingredient in the success of organizations. A highly motivated workforce can be instrumental in achieving organizational goals and strengthening the core values of the organizations. On the other hand, if the workplace is not conducive to inculcating a sense of mission in the employees, the organization may struggle to gain competitive strength and effectively carry out its mission. While there are several factors that can impact the motivation of employees, procedural justice is believed to be a major determinant of employee motivation which in turn influences employees’ turnover intentions. The study investigates the relationship between procedural justice and turnover intention using a perception-based survey of public officials in Pakistan. It is hypothesized that procedural justice is a significant determinant of turnover intensions.