Education & Health

Strengthening Schools Accountability Mechanisms Through Participation: Addressing Education Quality

Project members:
Parul Bakhshi University of Washington in St Louis
Sheretta Barnes, University of Washington in St Louis
Maryiam Haroon, Lahore School of Economics
Peter Hovmand,University of Washington in St Louis
Amin Mayel, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
Farah Said, Lahore University of Management Sciences
Nidhi Singal, University of Cambridge
Jean-Francois Trani,University of Washington in St Louis
Juanita Vasquez-Escallon, UNICEF and
Muhammad Tahir Waqar, NRSP

This research is funded by the  Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and University of Washington in St Louis. Children face many barriers to enrolling in and completing primary education particularly in Low Income Countries (LICs). When they do manage to enroll in schools, many vulnerable children do not learn at par with peers: across the central and southern Asia region, it is predicted that 81% of children and adolescents (241 million) will not reach minimum proficiency in reading. This research implements and evaluates a social accountability intervention to improve student learning. The study tests if parents, students and community members can be engaged in improving the quality of education through innovative social accountability mechanisms, combined with inclusive education training in schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan.