Waqar Wadho

Waqar Wadho is a Senior Research Fellow at the CREB. His research interests lie in the fields of economics of innovation and entrepreneurship, political economy, and growth theory with a substantive focus on developing countries. His first area of research in the field of economics of innovation and entrepreneurship, examines the centrality of technological and non-technological innovation at the firm level in developing economies. The second strand of his research is related to establishing rigorous evidence on representation and governance issues at micro-level in low-income countries. Waqar’s third area of research, on which he has worked in the recent years, focuses on a more macro approach to development, studying economic growth theory, and especially, the interplay of growth and political economy. Waqar’s previous research, which is published in some of the leading journals including Research Policy, World Development, Economic Inquiry, and Economics & Politics, was funded by the International Growth Center (UK), Global Challenges Research Fund (UK), the European Union, and the Lahore School of Economics. Over the years, he has collaborated with colleagues from the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Friedrich-Alexander University, United Nations University (MERIT), University of Bath, World Bank, and Montpellier Business School. He has also engaged with policy makers, industries, and non-governmental organization in Pakistan including the Ministry of Finance, Bureaus of Statistics, Higher Education Commission, Chambers of Commerce and Associations, International Growth Center, and Rural Support Program Network.

Spatial Proximity, Knowledge Networks and Firm Performance: The Case of Sialkot Surgical Instrument Cluster in Pakistan (with Maryiam Haroon)

Innovation and Firm Growth in the Pakistani Textile Sector: Do Young and Innovative Firms Grow Faster? (with Azam Chaudhry and Matthew McCartney)

Systematic Corruption in Public Bureaucracies: A Collective Action or Principal Agent Problem? A Case of Pakistan (with Shaheen Naseer)

Community Driven Development in Rural Pakistan: Impact Evaluation of the SUCCESS Program (with Abdur Rehman Cheema and Andreas Landmann)

Measuring Innovation in the Textiles Sector of Pakistan (with Azam Chaudhry)

Working Papers

Ethnic Diversity, Concentration of Political Power and the Curse of Natural Resources (with Sadia Hussain), GLO Discussion Paper, No. 611, 2020

Innovation Strategies and Productivity Growth in Developing Countries: Evidence from Pakistan (with Azam Chaudhry), GLO Discussion Paper Series, No. 466, 2020

Do young innovative companies create more jobs? Evidence from Pakistani textile firms (with Azam Chaudhry and Micheline Goedhuys),United Nations University (UNU-Merit) Working paper, 2019

Corruption Tax Evasion and Economic Development in Economies Hierarchical Tax Administrative System, (with Anum Elahi) CREB Working Paper, No. 02-19, 2019

Rent-seeking, Government Size and Economic Growth (with Umair Ayaz), GLO Discussion Paper, No. 131, 2017

Education, Rent-seeking and the Curse of Natural Resources, MPRA Paper, 37831, University Library of Munich, Germany , 2011

Steal If You Need. Capitulation Wages with Endogenous Monitoring, MPRA Paper, 37839, University Library of Munich, Germany, 2009

Journal Articles

Unskilled Migration, Child Labor and Human Capital Accumulation of Left behind (with Yumna Hassan), The Lahore Journal of Economics, Vol 25(2), 2020

Young innovative companies and employment creation, evidence from the Pakistani textiles sector (with Azam Chaudhry and Micheline Goedhuys), World Development, Vol 117 (7), 2019

Identifying and Understanding the High Growth Firms in Pakistani Textiles and Apparel sectors (with Azam Chaudhry), The Lahore Journal of Economics, Vol 24(2), 2019

Innovation and Firm Performance in Developing Countries: The case of Pakistani Textiles and Apparel Manufacturers (with Azam Chaudhry), Research Policy, Volume 47, Issue 7, pp 1283-1294, 2018

Government Size and Economic Growth in an Endogenous Growth Model with Rent‐Seeking (with Umair Ayaz), Economics & Politics, Volume 30, Issue 1, pp 151-179, 2018

Corruption, Tax Evasion and the role of Wage Incentives with Endogenous Monitoring Technology, Economic Inquiry, Volume 54, Issue 1, pp 391-407, 2016

Innovation in the Textiles Sector: A Firm-Level Analysis of Technological and Non-technological Innovation (with Azam Chaudhry), The Lahore Journal of Economics, 21-Special edition, pp129-166, 2016

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Ethnic Diversity, Concentration of Political Power and the Curse of Natural Resources (with Sadia Hussain), Twentieth International Conference on Public Economic Theory Conference, Strasbourg, France, 2019

Measuring and Limiting Corruption in the Pakistani Bureaucracy: Evidence from List and Endorsementy Experiments with High Ranked Bureaucrats (with ShaheenNaseer), Second International Conference on Applied Development Economics, Lahore School of Economics, 2019

Innovation in the Textiles sector of Pakistan: Prelimenary findings from the 2nd round of survey (with Azam Chaudhry and Matthew McCartney), Oxford University-Lahore School of Economics Workshop on Innovation in the Textiles Sector of Pakistan, 2019

Innovation and women employment in the Textiles sector of Pakistan (with Azam Chaudhry and Matthew McCartney), Oxford University-Lahore School of Economics Workshop on Innovation in the Textiles Sector of Pakistan, 2019

Innovation in the Pakistani Textile and Apparel Sectors: Key findings and Recommendations (with Azam Chaudhry), Development in Punjab: Setting New Priorities in Agriculture and Industries, organized by the International Growth Centre (IGC), Lahore, 2019

Identifying and Understanding the High Growth Firms in Pakistani Textile and Apparel Sectors (with Azam Chaudhry), Fourteenth International Conference on Management of the Pakistan Economy, Lahore School of Economics, 2018

Innovation strategies and productivity growth (with Azam Chaudhry), Stimulating Firm Productivity for Growth, State Bank of Pakistan, organized by the International Growth Center (IGC), Karachi, 2018

Innovation and firm performance in developing countries (with Azam Chaudhry), Sixteenth Conference of International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society, Montreal Canada, 2016

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Pakistan's Stagnant Industrial Sector: Challenges and the way forward, Invited Guest Speaker, Sukkur IBA University, 2020

Measuring Innovation in the Manufacturing Sector, Invited speaker on Innovation at Ministry of Science and Technology, Islamabad, 2016

Teaching Macroeconomics, International Curriculum Forum, Organized by International Economic Association, Lahore, 2015

Corruption and Economic Growth, Invited speaker at Policy Seminar, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Islamabad, 2011

Corruption and Economic Growth, Guest speaker, Department of Economics, Szabist University, Islamabad, 2011